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Compost & Soil

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We stock compost thermometers designed specifically for use when composting. Composting requires heat, air and moisture and you will need a probe thermometer to check this.

1st Phase: Disintegration control temperature 50-80 °C (at least 2-3 weeks)

2nd Phase: Conversion to humus control temperature 40°C (at most 9 months)


We also have a selection of thermometers available for use with soil. You can choose from a pocket soil thermometer or a soil thermometer probe which is designed to be pushed into the ground and left. These are bright in colour to make them easy to identify if left in soil.

We also stock a range of gardening thermometers you may find useful and if you need a thermometer for a more specific task we stock hundreds of types. Choose a main collection along the top or if you have a question we would be delighted to help you, simply call the telephone number at the top of the site.

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